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Human-Centered AI Research

What makes AI research ‘human-centered‘?

  • Interdisciplinary collaborations across both institutions (e.g. academic disciplines, industry, government and other organizations) and domain expertise (e.g. technologists, social scientists, humanities and the arts)
  • A focus on AI Safety topics including bias, fairness, explainability, ethics, privacy, risks, regulation, compliance, regulation, etc.
  • A broad target audience for multiple stakeholders beyond just traditional AI/CS journals. This includes diverse academic journals as well as the public at large (e.g. college students, government regulators, and mass media)

Our goal is to combine the best of traditional data-driven, quantitative AI/CS research methodologies with diverse domain expertise, especially those from disciplines traditionally estranged from AI. Drawing from motivated, informed, and aligned experts and throughout the academy will better inform, understand, and apply interdisciplinary AI research to safeguard and maximize human flourishing.

Past, current, and upcoming collaborations include institutions and experts in both academia and industry:

  • US Whitehouse AI Safety Policy/NIST AI Safety Institute (NIST, Modern Language Assoc)
  • Collaborative AI Safety and Open Source Policy (Oxford, Berkeley, UVa, Berklee/MIT, etc)
  • Computational Digital Humanities (Dartmouth, U Tenn)
  • Literature, language, linguistics (MLA)
  • Narrative and Affective AI (Yale, Harvard, Narrative Conferences)
  • Diachronic Sentiment Analysis (Cambridge UP, ArXiv)
  • Economics and Finance (IBM-Notre Dame)
  • Theatre and Film (Denison, NEH, LA Theatre)
  • Psychology and Cognitive Science (Ohio State U)
  • Medicine (AFDO/RAPS)
  • Theoretical computer science (McGill, UPitt, CMU)
  • Physics and Engineering Simulations (NAFEMS)
  • Polical Science and Public Policy (NIST, Meta, IEEE/EU)
  • Philosophy and Ethics (ArXiv, Montreal AI Ethics Inst)
  • Higher Education: Leadership (Academic Leadership Conference, Academic Search)
  • Higher Education: Interdisciplinary AI/CS/DH (Keynotes/Presentations at Carleton, WashU, Reed, Denison, Wofford, Mount St. Mary’s, etc)
  • Law, Music, Political Science, Medical Narratives, etc (300+ DS/ML/AI mentored research projects downloaded ~50k times from 160 countries worldwide)

This is a sample of our recent human-centered work in AI research, industry, education, and public outreach collaborations:

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us via email or on Twitter at @HCAILab_org

Collaboration across Academics and Industry

AI Safety thru Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Public Outreach